THE D day and my first crush!

Being not exposed much to the real world except to the academia, I was not very comfortable with the fomalities in a office. My Dad is an employee in the Govt. sector and that was the only office environment I knew about. With a lot of apprehensions in mind, I stepped into the huge campus of my first company and my designation was ‘Software Engineer’ , the hard earned(when I joined, atleast) title for a graduate. At the gate of the company, I saw a herd (cant help, it was indeed a herd) of people with neatly tucked in gentlemen trying to get lucky with young college chicks(read females) on the very joining day. Everyone had mixed feelings of curiosity and joy on their faces. I tried to spot one pretty female to kill time gazing at her. But wasnt lucky enough. Just then I saw someone coming from inside the gate. ‘Oh! she is real hot’ I thought secretly hoping to see her in my cubicle. She came to us and said ‘Form a line and take out your offer letters’. My disappointment started from this point. She is our HR and wont be sitting in my cubicle. Ok! Fine! so what? in a huge campus like this, cant I find one girl whom I like. She lead us into a big hall and we were seated there. Over the screen in front of us, we had the schedule of the day. Never in my life I have attended so many sessions of information and gyaan. First was from the HR itself. She spoke about the policies and I was in my own world having a walk with her. All went well until she uttered the words ‘Sexual Harassment’. These words grabbed me by my collar out of my stroll and oops, I just fell on the lady sitting beside me. Not sure whether I hurt her really but she gave out a cry! “Aaaaah!!” I couldn’t get whether she cried in pain or ……..!! Thats it! Damn every body started staring at me and my lady stopped the lecture. Oh my God! I am booked on the very first day 😦 She came to my seat and asked “Are you alright?”. I was puzzled to even respond. I just smiled and told her it was a slip. That was all, I thought. After that my lady started her lecture again, but promptly used me in every example she talked about sexual harassment and royally thrashed all my hopes of getting a chick in my training batch. All through the day, I could see a suspicious look in every girls eyes! To hell with it, lot of people out there and lot of babes out there! Dont worry , I consoled myself. But yeah! one advantage out of this, I got some good friends on the first day itself! Birds of same feather flock together!! All those bird watchers and hunters were all my friends now!

After the first session started a series of autograph giving ( signatures on every document on earth). Twenty signatures to say the least and they gave us homework of more. But I enjoyed it as never before I signed so many documents and never before these many people were behind me to get signatures. This was precisely the first day in my career.

More to come … watch this space…

~ by smachie on August 10, 2007.

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